Gábina Davídková

Balanced Body University - Certificate of Completion (Faculty Training Part II - Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Arc Barrel)
Tom McCook- Mat I
Lynne Robinson - Ante and Postnatal Pilates - The Pelvic Girdle
Tom McCook - Pelvic Power and Pilates
Rael Isacowitz - The Complete Cadilac: Structuring a Full Session on the Cadillac
Elizabeth Larkam - Create Mat Classes Without Equipment for Therapeutic and Conditioning Clients
Christiane Romani Ruby - Reformer Choreography
Rael Isacowitz - 10 Advanced Pilates Movements
Eric Franklin - Strong and Healthy Knees Through Imagery
Tom McCook - Pilates x Yoga Progressions
Brend Anderson - Pilates for Rotation Sports
Katrina Fox (BBU) - Reformer I
Katrina Fox (BBU) - Reformer II
Elizabeth Larkam - Reformer Sequences for Hip Articulation and Knee Stability
Elizabeth Larkam - Stand, Walk, Jump and Ski - Pilates Sequences to Connect the Feet to the Ground and Spine
Dan Marie Ickes, Cari Riis Stemmler - Prenatal Pilates
Suzanne Martin - The Upper Core
Karen Clippinger - Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates
Johnatan Hofmann - CoreAlign I
Ann Toran - Reformer I
Ann Toran - Reformer II