Gábina Němečková (Davídková) - 2013

Pilates On Tour - London

Karen Clippinger - Meeting Functional Demands of the Hip and Knee with Pilates

Portia Page - Balance, Gait, Function and Fun: An Introduction to the CoreAlign™

Karen Clippinger - Sacroiliac Function and Pilates Exercise Design

Madeline Black - Wrist to Shoulder

Cara Reeser - Apparatus Playground- The Pilates Chair

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Cara Reeser - From the inside out: An Exploration Of The Skills Involved In The Pilates Repetory

Willi Schneider - Spiraldynamik® - Intermedite Specific 2-3D masáž

Maja Christen - Spiraldynamik®- Zarputilé rameno

Charlerm Vongsiri - Thai therapeutic massage